Item Number: 840100

Our next generation Theragun model now with 50% less noise, 60% more battery life, and dual speed functionality.
  • Harnesses the medical benefits of local vibration therapy to treat muscular discomfort, facilitate faster muscle recovery and improve mobility.
  • The scientifically calibrated frequency interrupts the brain’s reception of pain signals, thereby reducing discomfort during treatment.
  • Effectively provides a more comfortable method to decrease lactic acid buildup, increase blood flow to the muscles, prevent muscle spasms and break down scar tissue.
  • Sleek, ergonomic design for comfort and convenience.
  • 60% more battery life, Dual Speed functionality, LED power indicator, and easy on/off switch.
  • Easy ball-bearing attachment allows for seamless attachment/detachment of attachments.
  • Includes: Theragun G3PRO unit, G3PRO manual, 2 batteries, battery charger, 6 unique attachments, attachment pouch, and carrying case.