SwedeO Ankle Lok Brace

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The original "Swede-O". Exclusive lacing system keeps the brace tighter, longer than any other brace for long-lasting support. The lacing system features two setsof eyelets in the midsection of the brace. The dual eyelets create a "pully" effectto give you greater leverage so you can lace the brace tighter for a more effective"Ankle Lok". The dual eyelets are offset to trap the tightened laces between theinner and outer eyelets, which keeps the laces tighter longer than competitors'braces. Stainless steel U-shaped spiral stays are built into each side of the braceto provide extra support and further minimize the chance for ankle injury. The fullelastic back ensures unrestricted blood flow to the Achilles' tendon and virtually eliminates the chance for blistering. Side stabilizer inserts are available foradditional ankle support.

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