Hartmann - Shurband LF

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Shur-Band LF is a latex-free, premium grade knitted bandage made with high quality, versatile yarn to provide superior support and consistent compression. The non-latex component offers latex-sensitive patients an alternative to the latex rubber elastic bandage and can be worn comfortably without the risk of allergic reactions. Designed to be both user- and patient-friendly, Shur-Band LF is quick and easy to apply. Its self-closure flap fastens anywhere on the bandage to hold it securely without pins, clips or tape. Shur-Band LF comes in a Tyvek pouch to assure sterility. -Uses- For use in the treatment of varicosities, sprains and torn ligaments and used in Hospitals, Physician Offices, Industrial Health, Clinics, Sports Medicine, Long Term Care, Home Health, School Health and Burn Units

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