Saniguard Total Release Fogger 8oz

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SaniGuard® Total Release has the same great sanitizing power as SaniGuard Surface Spray (sold separately).

Sanitizes rooms and enclosed spaces in just 15 minutes. Just activate and leave.

Unlike conventional cleaning, Total Release kills germs in all the hard-to-reach spots conventional cleaning techniques miss. Safe for use in food preparation areas and on all nonporous surfaces, including fabrics and electronics. Human- and animal-safe with no oral, skin, or inhalation toxicity.

Each 8-oz. fogger treats up to 625 sq. ft. in one application, and the 3-oz. size covers 125 sq. ft. EPA-registered and proven to kill 99.99% of flu viruses, germs, and bacteria including: MRSA, ringworm, HIV, E. coli, and salmonella.