Power Systems VersaBar

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The VersaBar aerobic bar is made from solid steel construction with a superior rubberized coating for not only long-lasting durability, but also offering greater comfort and a better grip. This weighted exercise bar is available in 9 different weights, ranging from 4 lb to 36 lb, VersaBar exercise bars are the ideal addition to any assortment of fitness center equipment.Features Weighted bar offers superior rubberized coating for long-lasting durability, Solid steel construction, Hollow steel construction (except 4-lb bar), Rubber end caps, Ends color coded by weight.Exercise bars are becoming more common in fitness centers due to their versatility. The VersaBar body bar can be used to condition the entire body, working a wider range of muscles than most weight machines can. And because the weight of the bar is evenly distributed (unlike traditional barbells), these body bars can be used for rotational movements as well.One favorite exercise using the body bar for those who want flat abs but who are bored with performing countless crunches is the oblique twist. This exercise targets not only the oblique muscles, but also the hard-to-reach serratus anterior muscles.Start by gripping the VersaBar with two hands out to the right side, with the tip of the bar resting on the right shoulder. While engaging your abdominal muscles, rotate just your upper body (keeping your hips straight) until the bar is in front of you, focusing on contracting the right obliques. Return to start. Do 10-25 repetitions on the right, then change shoulders and do 10-25 repetitions on the left.The convenience and time you save your clients by providing them with high-quality VersaBars from Power Systems are an asset for any gym.

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