Oval 8 Splint Kit

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Oval-8 Finger Splints stabilize and align the small joints of the fingers (DIP and PIP). The versatile Oval-8 splints can be worn six different ways to protect fingers and are ideal to correct deformities caused by arthritis or injury. Conditions include mallet finger, swan-neck deformity, flexible boutonniere deformity, trigger finger, lateral deviation and finger fractures.Features:*Seamless, translucent molded plastic splints are so thin and lightweight you will hardly know they are on your fingers. *Oval-8 splints do not require strapping or tape to stay in place. Multiple Oval-8 splints can be worn on one hand without interfering with hand function. *Durable Oval-8 splints can be worn full time or easily slipped on and off as needed. Open design keeps skin dry, yet Oval-8 splints can be worn in water. The broad flat bands distribute pressure evenly for wearing comfort. *Oval-8 splints can be worn long term by persons with arthritis to align crooked finger joints and may aid in preventing the formation of further deformity. *Oval-8 Sizing Sets and Kits are recommended for health care providers to choose and dispense the correct size(s) of Oval-8 Finger Splints for their clients and customers.