Mueller Recoil Tape

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RECOIL is an ‘industry-first’ product; there is nothing else like it. RECOIL is a highly elastic, high-recovery, super-thin and water resistant cohesive tape. RECOIL is a thermoplastic elastomer. It is not textile-based, nor is it non-woven. RECOIL is ideal for a multitude of needs and applications and facilitates doing things with tape never before possible. Combined with current approaches, Recoil dramatically changes the feel and efficacy of finished work. Infinite Applications • Wrist Wrap - Recommend: 3.5” - Basic wrap in two passes in about 8 seconds • Ankle Wrap - Recommend: 2” - Great for heel-locks and figure 8s • Thumb/Finger Wrap - Quick and effective • Head Wrap - Provides constant compression - Stays in place

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