Micro Bac Tabs

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Price: Ea 1.5g Tablet
Kills MRSA, Norovirus, Hepatitis B & C, HIV and other deadly pathogens. Most importantly, bacteria cannot develop a resistance to this product. Environmentally friendly.

Applications include: athletic equipment, water bottles, mouth pieces (clip and air dry), hydrocollators, hot packs, helmets, pads, floors, mats, tables, benches, showers, lockers, ice chests, laundry, towels, water fountains, whirlpools, and hot tubs.

Drop tablet into water and allow to dissolve before applying to surfaces by spraying, mopping, wiping or immersing. Air dry and no rinse! For whirlpools and hot tubs, drop tablet directly into tubs and circulate to sanitize tubs and filters. Each tab generates 1 gallon of sanitizer.

Each packet contains 1 tablet.

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