Mettler 6D Action Device

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Mettler Electronics is proud to introduce the 6D Action massage device. The six-dimensional method provides therapeutic relief for treatment of Lymphatic therapy and Active Self Care. Using negative pressure, the 6D Action massager allows for both continuous vacuum suction and pulsating vacuum suction. The 6D Action does not require special preparation as the treatment is applied to the bare skin. Moderate application of oil or massage cream may allow the treatment head to glide more smoothly on the skin.

The 6D provides three application modalities in one device. Using the 6D you can choose between a pulsating technique, lifting and twisting technique, or the gliding technique. Vacuum pressure can be adjusted from mild to strong. Pulsation frequency can from 0.1 to 3 seconds and having a variation of cup sizes allows to target any size treatment area.

The 6D active massage device is designed and meant to be used with the 6-dimensional technique following treatment directions and lymphatic watersheds. The device package includes the main unit, vacuum cable with filter, 6 sizes of treatment heads, roller treatment head with filter, power cable and carrying bag. The 6D is truly portable and be carried with ease. Enhance your treatments today with the 6D Action from Mettler Electronics.

6D Action Vacuum Massage Device:

• Pulsating Vacuum

Pulsation vacuum mode on the treated area.

• Combined with Lift/Twist

Continuous or pulsation vacuum mode on the treated area combined with lift/twist.

• Combined with Gliding

Continuous or pulsation vacuum mode on the treated area combined with gliding.