McDavid #401 Knee Brace

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The #401 Knee Support is one of McDavid's most popular primary knee supports. It features an 11'' long thermal neoprene sleeve with nylon facing on both sides. Reversible colors, 4-way stretch. Heavy duty outside for durability and is contoured and darted for optimum fit. It is very functional and durable.
Retains warmth, promotes healing, reduces abrasions.
Sized for optimum fit.
Caution: Do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitis.


Measure the knee to be protected (you likely figured that). Stand and bend your leg just less than 45 degrees, measure around the largest part of knee, directly over the patella (kneecap).


SM - 12-14"
M - 14-15"
L - 15-17"
XL - 17-20"
XXL - 20-22"

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