Kleenhanz Towelettes - 500 Count

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Kleenhanz is today's 100% alcohol, paraben and latex-free solution for Handwashing On-the-Go that kills 99.99% of germs and bacteria on contact. Instead of using alcohol-based gels and foams that smear germs and dry out your skin, Kleenhanz Hypoallergenic Towelettes' no-sting formula can clean, sanitize and remove dirt and germs all in one step. Kleenhanz is safe for children and infants with a no-sting formula, and leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. In fact, repeated use of Kleenhanz helps to moisturize the skin while helping to prevent the spread of germs and infection providing longer lasting germ-killing protection than alcohol-based products.

Container is ideal for sports and outdoor activities and has a convenient handle to carry almost anywhere you need Kleenhanz®. Container holds 500 towelettes and features a pull top that seals for freshness and safety.