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Jaybird & Mais 4600 Jaylastic Select Premium Lightweight Athletic Stretch Tape is an ultra-high-quality long stretch fabric tape that can be torn by hand.This top-quality stretch tape is bleached white, and is especially popular for wrapping around thumbs for Olympic weightlifting.It's highly suitable for other uses when you need support along with a great range of motion. This sports tape has a firm roll density and an increased unwind tension for precise application.Jaylastic Select 4600 can be used, along with a rigid white non-elastic tape, for taping applications when memory characteristics are required.

* Greater adhesion than 4500 and 2550 Jaybird tapes
* Non-sterile
* For external use only
* Made in the U.S.

Product Applications:
* Wrapping thumbs for Olympic Lifting, Powerlifting
* Taping fingers for CrossFit
* General athletic tape
* Wrapping sprains

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