Intervention Pro-Tech Locker Shocker

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Enjoy the effectiveness of fogging without the fog! Locker Schocker improves both the aesthetics and the hygiene inside your locker room.

Locker Shocker delivers the power of chlorine dioxide gas, a safe and effective biocide, in an easy-to-use disposable clam-shell delivery device designed to eliminate odors quickly. Locker Shocker does not mask the odors, it eliminates the odors by controlling the odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. When exposed to a small amount of water, this device quickly releases a vapor that penetrates all areas inside a room.

Each 25 gram sachet is effective for approximately 250 square feet. The process is as simple as wetting a sponge, placing the sponge and sachet inside a clamshell and vacating the area for 8-12 hours. Dispose in an outside trash receptable.

We recommend using the Locker Shocker to gain control of an area and then maintaining the area with Locker Room Detox.

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