Freeup Massage Cream-8 oz

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Free-Up Massage Cream, Unscented 8 oz. is noted for its tissue perception, lubricity and glide. It was originally developed by a professional Physical Therapist to provide the criteria established for professionals massage medium, which includes a slow rate of absorption, excellent tissue perception and great glide.Free-Up Massage Cream, Unscented 8 oz. is also a cost effective option due to its slow rate of absorption, the fact that it is hypo-allergenic and bacteriostatic, as well as the fact that there is no beeswax in the product. It will not dry out or ball up when applied to the skin. The Free-Up Massage Cream, Unscented 8 oz. is completely non-greasy and will leave your hands with the feeling that you used a high-quality hand cream.The ingredients of the Free-Up Massage Cream, Unscented 8 oz. include sodium lauryl sulfate, DMDM hydantoin, mineral oil, ethyl paraben, stearyl alcohol, methyl paraben, methyl gluceth-20, lanolin alcohol, water and petrolatum alcohol.It is highly suggested that the cream is used sparingly, as a little bit goes a long way.