Eze-Band Elastic Wrap

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EZe-Band LF is a latex-free, orthopedic grade knitted bandage that wraps and secures easily. It provides patient comfort and is durable enough to be used again and again. EZe-Band LF's front closure anchors the bandage on the first wrap quickly and easily. Its end closure conveniently secures the bandage at any given point without pins, clips or tape. It offers latex-sensitive patients and health professionals an alternative to latex rubber elastic bandages to help prevent possible future latex sensitization. Orthopedic grade knitted bandage with unique construction that provides superior absorbency and breathability. Double closure delivers maximum control and consistent compression. Front closure anchors bandage quickly and easily on the first wrap, while end closure secures the bandage at any point without pins. clips or tape. Comfortable to wear and durable for repeated use. For use in applications requiring controlled, consistent compression and support.

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