Evoshield Rib Shirt

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This is what put EvoShield on the gridiron map. Designed for the aggressive player that hits the hole, fearlessly takes on defenders and dishes out punishing blows, EvoShields signature Rib Shirt offers super thin, high-impact protection for the ribs. The custom-molding Shields are inserted into the shirts pockets for superior protection, speed, and comfort. Simply remove the Shields from the foil bag to air activate the custom-molding process. The Gel-to-Shell Technology transforms the soft gel pads into a protective Shield in minutes. Impact is dispersed, not absorbed like in foams and hard plastics, providing better protection than traditional protective gear. Comfortable compression fit doesnt interfere with mobility move with freedom and confidence . Molds to the contours of your body. Fits like a second skin . Includes: (2) Custom-Molding Protective Rib Shields, (1) Performance Compression Shirt.

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