Data Therm II Temperature Monitoring System

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Continuous Temperature Monitoring
The DataTherm II is a portable, dual scale, easy-to-use monitor that measures, displays, and updates temperature every 4 seconds. This effective tool is used for the assessment and treatment of athletes presenting with symptoms of exertional heat illness (EHI). The thermometer satisfies the requirement expressed by the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) for rectal/core temperatures.

Dual Scale and Audible/Visual Alerts
The user-friendly monitor is designed with a temperature range up to 113°, displayed in either Farenheit or Celsuis. The monitor also alerts users with visual and/or audible alarms that are automatically activated when the patient's temperature rises above or falls below user adjustable levels. Once the sensor probe is placed, the DataTherm II is used throughout the care and treatment of athletes with EHI before, during, and after treatment in an ice water bath or other cooling modality.

Software Stores Data and Produces Reports
The DataTherm II Monitor is a German designed FDA Class II listed medical device and comes in a sturdy plastic case with multiple accessories and two flexible rectal probes (39 or 78-inch long). The monitor features a self-loading computer software, designed to store up to 140 temperature readings, with a time and date stamp, at regular intervals to allow for recall. The software can then produce reports of the data collected for assessment.

Details: Computer software stores up to 140 temperature readings (time and date included) to allow for data recall and analysis of temperature trends
Includes disposable, self-calibrating probes, either 39 or 78 long, to significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination
The monitor can alert with audio or visual cues when a patient's temperature rises or falls below target level
With measuring range 62.6°113°F, the thermometer displays the current temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius
Includes: DataTherm II Continuous Temperature Monitor, USB Cable, Velcro Adhesive Straps, (2) 78 or 39 Disposable Probes, Software Mini CD, (4) AAA Batteries, Instruction Manual, and Quick Start Card

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