ArrowFlex Cohesive Tape

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Arrowhead is proud to introduce an innovative, new line of cohesive tapes for 2017, and for the rest of the year we are offering a 20% discount on all orders of our new tapes.

Arrow Flex CO represents the newest in stretch cohesive tape technology. Made entirely by our engineers and tape specialists, this tape uses a latex chemistry to stick to ITSELF, but not to you. Our unique process produces a tape that is:

-Won't rip out your hair when removing - just peels right off
- Impervious to water (won't soak up water, lose stick, and fall off)
- Industry-leading break strength among stretch and tear cohesive tapes
- Conforms to joints, bends, digits, and other natural curves of the body
- Tears easily and consistently, every time
- Resists mold and stays dry in hot weather
- Combines with Arrowhead rigid cohesive tapes to make a firm, solid cast without sticking to the skin!

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