Alert Ohasis Elite 10 Gallon Portable Drinking Unit - Aluminum Dolly

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Alert OH-A-SIS Elite 10 Gallon - Portable Drinking Unit with Aluminum Dolly

Automatic shut-off pump.
Large Pump Box.
Large Flo Jet Pump
Large 12 Volt / 12 Amp Battery (1 battery included)
Capable of Storing a Second Battery (second battery sold separately)
Dual Rate Charger Included
90 day warranty on pump and motor.
20 gallon insulated cooler.
4 - Durable 36" black hoses.
Flat Free Wheels

*Warranty applies only when our inspection of the pump and motor indicates they have been properly cleaned after any use of electrolytes or any other solutions other than water.
AS Ohasis Deluxe 10 Gallon
AS Ohasis Deluxe 10 GallonAS Ohasis Deluxe Pump Box