Airex Mat Wall Bracket

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This is a Wall Bracket designed to hold and store Airex mats with eyelets. Mounted close to the wall, the bracket hangs the mats in an efficient space-saving way. Sized at just over 15.5", the bracket holds all Airex mats smaller than 23.6" wide. This includes the Coronella 185 and 200, the Fitline 140 and 180 and the Pilates 190.

With each of the two arms 8" long, storing multiple mats is a snap. However, if the Airex mats have been recently cleaned or are wet, they should only be hung one at a time. To ensure proper efficient drying, damp mats shouldn't be stored in confined spaces or on top of each other. Please note, this is the wall bracket only.

Airex mats are available separately.

All tools needed to mount the bracket are included. The bracket will hold approximately 11 Cornella mats, 13 Fitline mats and/or 16 Pilates 190 mats. While designed to hold the Airex mats, this wall bracket is suitable to hang a wide variety of items. The bracket features an imprinted, bright red Airex logo on the back plate.

Made of stainless steel, the rack is easy to clean. A warm damp cloth and some mild soap will do the job.