Woundseal-Large Wound-Single

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Pac-Kit woundseal blood clot powder pour pack. Stops bleeding in seconds and forms a protective seal allowing nothing into or out of the wound. Powder pays for itself in just one use. Helps workers get back to work quickly while reducing employee downtime. Minimizes unnecessary trips to the ER. Results in fewer OSHA-reportable events WoundSeal is not OSHA-reportable as it is considered "first-aid" treatment. It is fast and effective. Works independently of the blood clotting cascade so it works for everyone even people who tend to bleed easily. Is safe and easy to use. Nontoxic, hypoallergenic and does not cauterize the skin. Not metabolized by the body and it is not a drug. Pour WoundSeal powder on bleeding wounds and apply pressure for 30 seconds. Portable packaging to stop bleeding at the point of injury. Wound seal is proven technology used by leading hospitals. Used by pro sports teams. Used in thousands of occupational workplaces In development with the EMS and U.S. Military to treat traumatic wounds.