Unequal Dead Stop Pad 18" x 18" x 5/16"

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DeadStop is strong supplemental padding with a high impact Blast Shield for full-on contact sports such as hockey, football and lacrosse where fast-flying bodies, projectiles, balls, sticks, pucks and bats can inflict serious bodily damage. Hi-risk positions like baseball catchers, umpires and goalies are candidates for DeadStop (also see Egis padding) as are players with injuries that need extra protection. Use DeadStop with existing hard shell or rigid pads for optimal protection and performance to help reduce the possibility of injury from high impact forces.* Worlds first protective composite body pad with Unequal® - a military grade, battle tested composite Thin, lightweight, comfortable and flexible. Washable too! Air cooling channel technology (AC2T) keeps the protected area cool and dry To attach: Just sew, tape, Velcro® or slip in custom / existing pockets Large pad enables protection for many areas of the body Approx Size: 18 x 18 X 5/16