Super Pro Scissors

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PRO 11 Scissors - Evolutionary continuation of the original Super PRO Scissors. Now features smaller, easier to use safety tip. Offset handle and large finger rings provide additional leverage and comfort. New power lock screw will not loosen. Indispensable on the field or in the training room. PRO 11T Non Stick Scissors - The time tested Super PRO 11 Scissors are now available with an upgrade. These scissors have a Non-Stick coating that withstands adhesive build up and cleans much easier than the chrome coated scissors. You will find these Non-Stick coated scissors work great on Kinesio tape and Elasticon. PRO 21 Scissors - Extra-sharp diamond-honed blades make these ideal for difficult to cut materials. Features safety tip and ergonomic handle for better leverage and comfort. NEW ! PRO 21T Non Stick Scissors - The Super PRO 21 Scissors are now also available with our Non Stick Coating!. These scissors withstand adhesive build up and clean much easier than the standard 21 Scissors, and work great on the Kinesio tape and Elasticon just like the 11T scissors!

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