Skyscan Lightning Detector

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SkyScan P5 Portable Lightning Detector detects electromagnetic emissions from individual lightning strokes. It has been designed to detect any electromagnetic emissions within a 40 mile radius, and it monitors in all directions! That means it monitors storms and lightning activity as they approach, .... and just as important, as they pass by. SkyScan P5 Portable lightning detector takes the guesswork out of decisions to cease and resume outdoor activity during thunderstorms. It conveys to you the level of activity of lightning in a storm as each time it detects a lightning stroke, it emits an audible warning tone (..if this feature has been selected by the user), and it registers the distance away of each stroke of lightning on its range indicator (..distance is indicated in one of four ranges: 0-3 miles, 3-8 miles, 8-20 miles and 20-40 miles). Each detection stays lit for approximately 3 seconds allowing the user to see the distance of that stroke, and compare that detection to the closest detected stroke (which is retained in the memory for 15 seconds). The benefits of the SkyScan P5 portable lightning detector include:

* Easy to use and understand
* Dependable, accurate and portable
* And above all, economical