MuellerHinge 2100 Knee Brace

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The new and redesigned MuellerHinge (TM) 2100 now fits either leg right out of the package - no need to set the brace for right or left leg. Secondary compression wraps help hold the upper and lower cuffs in place and improved hinge adhesion to the cuffs adds durability. The lengthened hinge cover with a hook/loop connection holds the hinge cover in place and has been strengthened for durability as well. The hinge pockets also have been strenghtened.
Designed to protect the knee from lateral blows in all positions, the MuellerHinge (TM) helps protect the medial collataral ligament and helps reduce the possibility of hyperextension injuries. The patented Triaxial Hinge literally tracks the knee motion and allows maximum mobility. Fits either knee.
**112" hinge (30 cm)