McDavid Rebound Compression Socks-Black

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Best for: Wear post-run/workout/game for enhanced recovery. Designed for extended wear. Recovery begins with the sole! Calves and feet benefit from increased blood circulation due to Targeted Compression Technology, Increases blood flow post-exertion for a faster and more complete recovery, Specialty yarns featuring seaweed and zinc help aid in recovery and provide extended comfort, Anatomical 3D knitting design at toe and heel provides enhanced comfort/protection, Traction design at bottom of footbed for better floor grip, Includes ankle stabilizer for additional support during activity, hDc Moisture Management Technology is all about cool and dry, Millimeters of Mercury* (units of measurement/no actual mercury) at ankle (18-21mmHg) and top of sock (12.6-14.7mmHg) to enhance blood flow, Can be worn for extended periods of time, Includes one pair.

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