Mabis Rediscan Infrared Thermometer

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This one-of-a-kind thermometer allows for parents to take temperatures of their childrens foreheads without contact, ideal for a fussy or sleeping child. Not only can the temperature of a child be taken, but the RediScan also works to detect the temperature of an object, such as baby formula or bath water. This thermometer is versatile in use due to the large range of readout: 50°F-122°F for a person and 32°F-221°F for an object or liquid. The RediScan is easy-to-use with a professionally accurate, one-second-readout and a Nite-Glo® feature that backlights the display. A fever alarm sounds instantly if the temperature is above normal, and a ten-reading memory recall allows the user to track the progress of the temperature.