Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash-6oz

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Band-Aid Hurt-Free Antiseptic Wash is a topical antiseptic skin cleanser for cuts and scrapes. Made with a fragrance-free formula in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle. This antiseptic wash will relieve the pain and itch associated with minor cuts and scrapes as it fights germs. Ideal for cleansing minor cuts and scrapes Pain/itch-relieving wash Fights germs Fragrance free How can you take away the burn and itch of a scrape as you clean it? Use Johnson and Johnsons Antiseptic Wash! Its perfect, especially if you have children. Every parent knows that cleaning out a childs cut can be challenging for both you and the child. The gentle, fragrance-free formula of this painless wound wash is tough on germs, while it soothes the irritated skin as you cleanse the wound. This Band-Aid Antiseptic Wound Care Wash is easy to use and will leave you and your child infection-free and smiling.