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Want to have a Ball? Get a DynaDisc® DynaDisc is one of the best core stabilization devices available. It features many of the same benefits as a gymball but without the risk of falling off. It's also perfect for seniors and chronic back sufferers to use in therapy, at home-- even the office. You can sit on it or use it on the floor, standing with 1 or 2 feet. Enhance weight training by standing on two DynaDiscs. Do sit-ups, lunges, deep knee bends, push-ups or leg lifts. DynaDisc works your core muscles more completely than a gymball because it focuses on those muscles no matter what position you are in. Use it at home then take it with you to the gym. Slip it into your suitcase when you travel so that you can have a core workout in the hotel room. The DynaDisc provides the ultimate core workout without compromising your safety.

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