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The RumbleRoller Beastie Bar and Stands is the only stick-type massager than can be used totally hands-free! Instead of the smooth plastic rollers of a conventional stick massager, it uses a pair of RumbleRoller X-Firm Beasties with 60 firm, high-profile bumps to dig deeper into a troublesome area, or to work with greater detail on smaller muscles – e.g. those of the forearms and calves. It comes with a pair of detachable stands that securely hold the Beastie Bar so that you don't have to. The stands secure and elevate the Beastie Bar 1/2" above the surface for hands-free use. They also retain the Beastie Bar so that it can more easily be used in off-the-floor applications. They also serve as an adapter to removably attach the Beastie Bar to either a wall or the Beastie Wall System. Every detail of the Beastie Bar was thoughtfully engineered, from its high-strength fiberglass shaft to its smooth-turning nylon bearings to its non-slip phthalate-free handgrips. If you've been searching for the ultimate stick-type massager, you just found it!