Alert Services Inc. specializes in meeting the needs of Athletic Trainers, Coach’s and athletes. For over 50 years, the Cox Family of Texas has owned and operated Alert Services with a dedication to “going the extra mile” to serve the needs of all customers.
Alert Services began in 1958 when John T. Cox and partners first saw a niche that needed to be filled in the sporting industry. The goal was to create a company that would make acquisition of sports medicine products in Central and South Texas a simple one-stop experience. With the growing interest in sports injuries and associated products, Alert Services was on its way!
The 1970’s ushered in a new interest in the Athletic Training profession. Alert Services under the direction Lem Cox capitalized on that interest. Customer Service and product availability have become the focus of Alert Services. To better provide service to the customer, Alert has 15 outside sales reps, many of whom are certified athletic trainers. Since the inception in the 1970’s, Alert Services sales force has always been predominantly Athletic Trainers. The team of exemplary sales staff and internal support staff allows Alert Services to reign superior in customer service in the sports medicine industry. The sales force now includes 15 outside sales people located across the South, California, Washington/Oregon and Illinois. Our exceptional support staff and warehouse staff complete the exceptional customer service staff.
Alert Services is now a woman owned and operated business. Upon Lem’s passing, Jenny Cox chose to keep Alert Services in the Cox Family. The business is a family with extreme longevity in its sales force, office and warehouse staffs. Doing whatever can be done to keep an athlete participating is the goal of each individual associated with Alert Services.
Remember, “Talk to the hand for your Sports Medicine needs!”